Why Sell to Us

Support Local Business You Can Trust

Save Yourself the Aggravation

Why go through the hassle of selling your vehicle when you can let Nico Buys Cars buy it from you? We will take care of all the paperwork and give you a check right on the spot. If you need time to think about it, we will also give you a guaranteed offer that we'll honor for 10 full days or 500 miles.
We pride ourselves on our promptness, whether it's an appointment or a payment.

Enjoy a Better Experience When You Come to Our Office

You can feel confident knowing that you'll receive the best deal possible when you sell your vehicle to Nico Buys Cars.

Call us today for your FREE, no-obligation evaluation. We're a locally owned business and highly experienced. Furthermore, we're open on weekends.

Why Sell Your Car to Us?

  • We are a locally owned company that was established in 2009 and acquired in 2012 by the owner of “MEMBERCAR”, The Automotive Concierge.
  • Current BBB rating is A+.
  • Take advantage of our ongoing promotion: “You get $200 if we can't beat a valid CARMAX Offer.* 
           (*offer applies only to a valid CARMAX offer that is above $2000).
  • Save time and have one of our appraisers come directly to your home or office for FREE.
  • You can forget the hassle of trading in your car.
  • Do you have a loan or lease on your vehicle? We will pay it off as part of the transaction within 10 business days* 
           (*Expedited service is available)
  • Money on the spot. (Checks up to $5000 may be cashed the same day. Checks over $5000 are for deposit only.)
  • Absolutely no hassle or pressure when dealing with us. Before we come to you, we'll give you a price range based on the information you provide us. 
  • We will evaluate and purchase your vehicle in as little as 30 minutes* 
            (*some exclusions may apply).

Limit your exposure to risk factors associated with private selling such as:

  • Strangers coming to your home to view and test-drive your vehicle,
  • Pressure based negotiation methods,
  • Fraudulent funds (including personal checks and cashier checks),
  • Hassle involving vehicle storage and transportation.

Contact our courteous staff for your FREE, no-obligation evaluation.
Nico Buys Cars proudly serves Maryland, Northern Virginia, and Washington D.C. areas.
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