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Read what our delighted customers have to say about our car selling service! Contact our courteous staff for your FREE, no-obligation evaluation. Our offer is guaranteed for 10 days or 500 miles, whichever comes first.
Just brought my car over to be sold. I read the yelp reviews before I went. I was in and out in under 20 minutes with more money than I thought I would get. These people are great. I highly recommend this business if you ever want to sell your car in a quick and efficient manner.

If you love stressful situations and have a lot of time on your hands goes somewhere else. These people understand customer service.

 - Ellen G.

Painless and quick experience selling my 11 year old Saab 9-3. The whole process took about 20 min, they beat dealer trade-in offer by about $200 and took care of returning the license plates. Their operations manager Emils was particularly helpful and friendly. Will definitely use them again to get a quote and sell another used vehicle.

 - Mark M.

Great guy, very fair and honest. Much better than CARMAX, go there for a quote then see him and he will over cut their offer.

- Chaz C.

Brought my CARMAX offer sheet in and they took 10 minutes and beat the CARMAX offer. Very easy quick efficient. They don't turn in tags for people anymore but the Mva at walnut shopping center is less than 5 min away.

They gave me a ride back home, and I forgot my CDs in the car after the sales. Called them the next day and got my CDs back. Very great doing business with them. Very quick. It did take me an hour to get a carmax appraisal. Overall time spent selling car less than an hour and a half. Stress free haggle free
On to the next whip, I've sold 2 cars to Nico Buys Cars now and it's always been a painless process!!

- Wesley Y.

Me and my wife we really couldn't wish for a better experience selling our vehicle. Appraisal took only 15 minutes and the whole process from start to the end 35 minutes. Great job guys and we will be back.

- Erik & Erin

I was so skeptical when my husband said he called Nico Buys Cars but what a fabulous surprise I was in for! Emils came to our home, purchased our vehicle, wrote us a check and paid off the remainder of the auto loan all in such a timely manner and with amazing customer service. The entire process was effortless and I would 100% recommend Nico Buys cars over any other dealer out there. They offered us the most money for our vehicle and were such a pleasure to work with. I had even left my garage opener in the truck and with one quick phone call it was mailed back to me the next day. Excellent place to do business with!

- Tracy L.

Selling a car at Nico's couldn't be easier! The staff was so professional and pleasant. The whole transaction, from walking into the door to getting the check took under 30 minutes. Nico's banks with Eagle Bank, which has several locations in the area. For checks of $5000 or less, just go to Eagle Bank with your identification and the Nico's Bill of Sale, and you'll get cash on the spot!
Nico's advertises that they will beat any quote from CARMAX by at least $200. The price they quoted on my 2006 Hyundai Azera with about 85,000 miles, which runs perfectly but has significant scratches and dings was $1500 more than the CARMAX quote. Save yourself some time and go directly to Nico's. You'll be glad you did."

- L.L.

"Nico buys cars was super easy to work with. I sent them my CARMAX estimate and they sent me back an offer for $200 more than CARMAX offered. I was hoping for a bit more but they worked with me. They said if I brought the car to them they'd be able to give me $300 more than the CARMAX offer so I took it. I was at their office for about 20 minutes before the whole selling process was complete. The woman I worked with when I actually came in to sell the car was not particularly friendly but overall the process was smooth and easy."

- Jenny E.

This place is the best if you're looking to sell your car in the DC area. Before I went here, I went to We buy any cars and they were smoking crack because they basically offered me $8k when my bluebook was $19k So then I went to CARMAX next-door and they basically offered me $13k. But what was really suspicious is the lady who did the appraisal for me at CARMAX tried to tell me some bullshit story about how Nico's is a fraudulent place. And that they'd give me a check which would bounce because they're scam artists that are under investigation by the Feds! Good thing I'm smart enough to know better than to listen to her pathetic con artist salesmanship. Anyways, I came to Nico's and they offered me $17k for my car, and needless to say I sold it to them on the spot. I can't remember the guy's name who I worked with but he's the tall, blonde, Latvian dude who sits in the front. Anyways, he was super nice and made the whole transaction very easy and the whole process took less than 20 minutes from start to finish. He was very professional and he even offered me a ride to the metro when my friend took an hour to come by and pick me up from there. I would definitely recommend these guys to family and friends. They're very honest, and a million times better than to scam artist punks at CARMAX. They'll give you a way better deal then anywhere else also. And their checks don't bounce...my $17k Eagle cashier's check cleared the same day into my account."

- Michael B.

This is my second vehicle I have sold to Nico Buys Cars. I walked out with a check that I was able to cash the same day and as promised after ten days my vehicle was paid off. I give them 5 stars once again."

- David P.

What a refreshing experience! My recommendation:
 1. Get a quote at CARMAX. It can't hurt.
2. Then go to Nico's. You'll likely have a quote that'll beat CARMAX within 10 minutes.
3. Decide to sell your car to Nico and get a check in 10 minutes!
They've got their process nailed down! Highly recommended!!!

- John F.
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